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I have spoken on Marketing Analytics twice at the prestigious ARF Re:Think Conference.
Read/download my presentations from 2016 and 2014:
2016 - "Snake Oil! Still Available to 2016 Marketers" (still super-relevant!)
2014 - "The Princess and the Pea - Marketing Mix vs. Other Methodologies" (VISIONARY!)


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"Do it like the BIG BOYS" In-Store analytics
​Bringing together experience and data for smaller companies.


Only the largest CPGs can afford IRI/Nielsen data.  Fortunately for smaller companies, they can tap into my vast experience so I can guide them through the fog of analytics.  The approach can be accomplished by presenting the level of data that they do have and evaluate from there.

If there is a win-win between marketing vehicle vendors and manufacturers, I can help to identify it, and how well it is actually working.


​A telecommunications voice recognition and online tracking.


When one of the most clever voice recognition programmers in the country approached me to create a synergistic approach to online tracking, it opened a new wing for DCI Consulting LLC.  Don't call us, we'll call you!

Investors don't know who to believe...


My real world exposure to advertising, marketing measurement, CPGs, syndicated data, among many areas of expertise gives the Principal of DCI Consulting LLC a unique ability to "size up" companies.

Investors can trust me to tell them what's going on, since I am an objective observer.



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