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A hard-working consulting firm based in Cleveland; since March 2013 it has operated as an LLC until 2019 where it became incorporated.

For most of the last 25 years, the Principal, Demos Ioannou, has been making his name among the largest companies, data providers and in-store vendors in the US.
You will appreciate the direct approach to finding success, whether you are a large CPG, a service or data provider; see the "Contacts" page to appreciate the vast experience that is drawn from for your benefit.

Demos C. Ioannou
Founder and Principal

Demos is known for his passionate style.  This comes from an ability to discern insights from data looks abstract to others.

He is prepared to utilize his 20+ years of experience in major CPGs for mutually beneficial relationships with other CPGs, information providers and communication companies; to provide practical analytics that allow businesses to move forward with confidence into the new age of big data.


“There aren't many companies that can afford the data that I've been exposed to, and utilized over the last 20 years.  I offer to help your company, by using what I know to help you make better, more efficient decisions regarding expenditures in marketing and sales. So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 

Demos Ioannou, Principal DCI Consulting LLC

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